Caring is Essential - National Assisted Living Week 2020

09/16/2020 Written by: Brian Lindahl

As an insurance and risk management partner to hundreds of assisted living communities across the country, we would like to extend an extra special “Thank You” to our assisted living clients for providing essential care and services to those in need. In appreciation of all that you and your team members do, we join you in celebrating National Assisted Living Week September 13-19.
The theme for this year, “Caring is Essential” reflects the hard work and dedication of all the essential caregivers in assisted living facilities across the country. Despite the hurdles and challenge the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, staff continue to play a critical role in caring for residents in senior living and should be honored for the incredible work they do every day. Listed below are some ideas to celebrate this week:

  • Caring through Celebration
    • Ice Cream Deliveries
    • Family Drive-By Caravans
    • Live Outdoor Performances
    • Contests
    • Raffles
    • Hallway Games
    • Staff Dress-Up Days
    • Dance Contests
  • Caring through Music
    • Provide lyrics and sheet music for a community hallway sing-along
    • Invite residents and staff with musical talents to share their gifts by playing and/or signing for others
    • Show online music events including world-class opera and Broadway performances
  • Care to Explore
    • Have residents explore the world from the comfort of their own room with online resources including:
      • Museum or libraries
      • Webcams of zoos or animals in the Arctic
      • Keeping tabs on volcanoes
      • Checking in with the space station
      • Re-visiting a favorite destination
  • Creating Caring Connections
    • Combat social isolation among your residents by encouraging connections with their families and loved ones via:
      • Outdoor or window visits (depending on your state’s guidelines)
      • Sharing a special meal together via Zoom or FaceTime
      • Looking at photos and reminiscing over happy family events
    • Encourage loved ones or members of the community to write notes or upload drawings and video messages of support and love for residents and messages of gratitude for staff

Assisted living providers can use an infection control and prevention mindset to help come up with innovative methods of keeping residents connected during NALW. Be sure that all staff, residents and potential visitors are wearing source control masks, keeping six feet distance, washing their hands regularly and decontaminating frequently touched items or surfaces. We appreciate our relationships and wish you continued success. Enjoy your week!
To learn more about AssuredPartners Senior Living risk solutions, contact a member of our Senior Living team
Source: National Center for Assisted Living

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