Radiant Memories - National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2024

05/06/2024 Written by: AP Senior Living

This year's National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), themed "Radiant Memories," is being observed from May 12 to 18, 2024, to honor the essential role skilled nursing care centers play in providing compassionate care to America's seniors and individuals with disabilities. The theme was chosen to celebrate the rich tapestry of stories and experiences of those who reside and work within skilled nursing care centers.

Approximately 1.5 million skilled nurses work tirelessly in long-term care facilities and post-acute care settings. These professionals are instrumental in caring for over 800,000 residents annually, from the elderly to those recovering from surgeries or managing chronic conditions.

If you are looking for resources to support your facility and nursing staff, contact our Senior Living team today.

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"Radiant Memories" is more than just a theme. It encourages us to look beyond the routine of daily care and see the vibrant histories, the laughter, the tears, and the wisdom shared. Each person in the long-term and post-acute care community contributes to improving the quality of life of all residents by providing a home away from home that allows them to have the essential connections they need to thrive.

NSNCW celebrates the dedication of those who go above and beyond to provide care and comfort, creating an environment where every resident feels valued and cared for.

AssuredPartners applauds all nurses and caregivers for their excellence, knowledge, and kindness as they work hard daily to keep us all safe and healthy! We are exceptionally proud to recognize and thank our team of registered nurses who are part of our Senior Living team.

While your concentration is on keeping your residents and patients safe, we are concentrated on keeping your risks at a minimum. Contact the AssuredPartners Senior Living team today to discover all the resources available to clients to support your facility and nursing staff.
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