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Case Study


Head Start is the primary service the group provides to the public. Because it is a teaching program, a large population of employees (between 200-300) are laid off during the summer. The process of suspending benefits for this group of employees was done manually by the group within the payroll/benefit admin system, which took the group weeks to complete. The ACA reporting done by the payroll carrier was filled with errors, and incredibly time consuming for the HR department. The group manually reconciled billings from several different carriers. During Open Enrollment, when the employees had questions about the benefits admin system or the benefits offered, they called the HR department directly, increasing the workload tremendously.


We utilized several of our internal teams, programs and vendor relationships to get results for this client. We implemented Employee Navigator to include a class of employees listed as “Lay off” with no benefits, engaged our compliance team to manage the ACA reporting, employed the call-in center to handle employee concerns/issues and worked internally with our benefits administration team to provide the group with consolidated/reconciled billing.


  • Now, when it is time to layoff Head Start teachers, we have the list of employees to be laid off uploaded into Employee Navigator, transferring them to the “lay off” class which discontinues benefits and offers COBRA. What used to take the group weeks to complete is done in no time.
  • The process of ACA reporting with Assured Answers has been such an easy process compared to years past.
  • The employees now enjoy a dedicated call center to help them with Open Enrollment, benefit questions, qualifying events including documentation, and evidence of insurability processing.
  • The group enjoys the benefits of receiving one monthly premium bill in excel, listing all employees with the specific coverage on each employee.One check is mailed to AssuredPartners.

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