Why join the Iowa Employer Coalition?

More stability. Better decisions. Better insight. More input.

Why Join?

Employer Advantages

As an Employer Coalition participant, you’ll enjoy more time, more stability and more opportunities to have a voice in cost-saving decisions. Here’s what you get when you join — and why it’s a smart investment of your time and resources that puts you in control.

Pooling with like-minded employers

Insurance pooling is when a group of companies join together to secure better rates and coverage plans. By participating in the Employer Coalition, you’ll be able to leverage the collective buying power of the larger group, so your company will see more stable rates in the long run.

Early renewals for more thoughtful planning

As a participant, you’ll have four months to plan, budget and make decisions for the coming year, rather than the 60 days you have now.

Reporting and data with analysis from AssuredPartners

With the size of the Employer Coalition’s member pool, participants will have access to tools and trends like never before, all backed by insights and analysis from the experts at AssuredPartners.

Collective decision-making power

With guidance from AssuredPartners, you’ll meet with fellow stakeholders and work together to develop strategies that encourage  consumerism and drive down costs.

Employee Advantages

When you join the Employer Coalition, your people benefit, too. They’ll be able to choose plans and find care that fits their needs — and make smarter choices that improve your bottom line.

Consumerism-based plans for smarter use and simplified coverage

Studies show most Americans don’t understand their health insurance. This can lead to expensive mistakes … or lots of confused employees in your office.

With the Employer Coalition, your people get simplified coverage with plans that drive good decisions... and that are easy for your people to use, understand and appreciate.

Tools that drive cost-saving decisions

Even with simplified coverage options, employees need on demand support to make smart choices that affect their health — and their pocketbooks.

With consumerism tools and information at their fingertips, they’ll be able to seek out the right care at the right cost, leading to better outcomes for them and a lower overall health care spend for you.

Communication initiatives for more engagement and less disruption

Communicating with employees about benefits can be challenging: Most employers don’t have the time and resources to spare.

Fortunately, Employer Coalition participants get easy-to-understand communication materials that educate employees about benefits and prepare them for any changes ahead.