Energy Industry Insurance

Energy Industry Solutions

Energy powers our world.  Whether upstream, midstream, downstream or renewable, the AssuredPartners energy specialty team creates customized solutions for companies across the energy spectrum.  We partner with over 1,000 energy organizations of all sizes including oil and gas refineries, renewable and alternative energy providers, solar contractors, hydroelectric facilities, biofuel producers, nuclear-related contractors and geothermal power plants, creating custom solutions designed to manage their unique risks.

We’ll ask you tough questions. What is your risk management plan in case of a disastrous well blowout? What is covered in case of an evacuation? What exactly are your liabilities? What’s your safety management program? What is your risk tolerance threshold?

Don’t  overlook  –  or  underestimate  –  your  exposures.  Work  with  us  to  determine  your  appropriate  insurance  limit  and  sufficient liability coverage to best protect your business from legal defense expenses and prospective damages in case of an accident.

Our team of knowledgeable energy professionals understand the complex risks and will keep you apprised of the latest industry issues, leveraging resources and working meticulously to reduce your costs and improve your risk management.  Our claims advocates understand the owner, contractor and developer roles and responsibilities within the industry. Why? So we can process claims and manage issues efficiently and accurately.

You  are  strategic  with  your  business  decisions,  and  should  be  just  as  strategic  when  selecting  your  insurance  and  risk  management partner.