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One Minute Meetings

Quick Tips from Professional Transportation Risk Consultants

Trucking Insurance Tips

AssuredPartners Transportation
AssuredPartners Transportation

One Minute Meetings

Accident Response
with Andy Engardio - Transportation Risk Consultant

Having an accident response plan in place saves time and has a huge impact on a claims outcome.

Claims Management
with Don LaPenna - Agency President, Cranford, NJ

Don't expect everyone to care about your claims more than you: Invest your valuable time to manage your claims, and the outcomes will be better for it.

Insurance Carrier Marketing
with Jeff Maconaghy - Agency President, Warminster, PA

Getting underwriters to work your submission: If you want underwriters to recognize your company as a must-have policyholder consider telling them your story directly.

Workers Compensation
with Rocky Roemer - Agency President, Toledo, OH

In order to be successful in workers compensation claims, you need to compress time. From the moment the accident occurs, to the time the employee gets back to work. The shorter the claim duration, the better the outcomes.