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Driver distraction is defined as the diversion of attention from activities critical for safe driving towards completing an activity and increases your risk of having an accident. ...Read Full Article opens in new tab

The lead safety officer for FMCSA, Jack Van Steenburg, wants police to take seatbelt compliance amongst commercially licensed truck drivers more seriously. In a recent Freightwaves article, Mr. Steenburg notes a few statistics that are somewhat ha......Read Full Article opens in new tab

A bill was recently introduced in Texas, that seeks to level the playing field between plaintiff attorneys and trucking companies. The bill passed through committee and sits in the Texas senate awaiting potential revisions....Read Full Article opens in new tab

A customary commercial truck driver day one orientation includes completing mounds of company paperwork, release forms, and HR documents. The idea is not to make this process as painful as possible to everyone involved. It really is an extremely i......Read Full Article opens in new tab

A recent study by the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence has cited three peak periods for truck crashes. The study used real-world crash and electronic logging data provided by motor carriers to assess crash rates and exp......Read Full Article opens in new tab

As 2020 closed, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a proposed rule amending federal safety regulations to specifically add rear impact guards as a required item on the list of annual inspections for motor carriers and roadside ......Read Full Article opens in new tab

On November 24, ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) released its annual study on the operational costs of trucking companies, which found the average cost per mile dropped by 9.3% in 2019. At first blush this is very good industry ne......Read Full Article opens in new tab

Recently, motor carriers were thrown into a turmoil when one of the FMCSA recommended Process Agents closed their doors. Overnight, operating authorities were revoked, and many managers were left wondering what happened. While it was an easy fix t......Read Full Article opens in new tab

There have been significant changes to the hours-of-service rules that would increase truck drivers’ flexibility while on duty. Among these are five key changes on how drivers could use the 30-minute rest break rule and the ability to split the 10......Read Full Article opens in new tab

CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance monitoring program, has been in operation for several years now. An event that has potential for a significant impact on your CSA scores is sc......Read Full Article opens in new tab