Mandates and Old Man Winter

Transportation | 11/10/2021

Written By: Kevin Rettberg

The weather is turning, and with it the conditions on the roads will be changing. The incoming winter weather is set to turn the peace and quiet of the tranquil summer, sun-filled roads into a wintry mix of ice and snow in many areas of the country. The idea of what winter brings is nothing new, but somehow this winter feels a little unlike anything we have every experienced. Our weather is a microcosm of what is happening in the US right now: a calm before a storm. However, while we know exactly what weather brings us, there is an upcoming vaccine mandate that is causing a concern from the unknowns that it causes many industries including transportation.

First and foremost, taking a highway off ramp to the mandate discussion is a lot like snow shoeing across a snowy tundra. You proceed cautiously and only with a safety-minded purpose. If you don’t attach that shoe just right, old man winter is going to make life very difficult. To relate this to the vaccine mandate, it’s wise to approach cautiously and with safety at the forefront. While the specifics around it are still being ironed out, let’s consider awaiting the final effects of what a mandate means while we prepare for the obvious winter weather that is headed our way.

In the context of law, or weather, there is a process or order to the proceedings. Therefore, a mandate is not much different than an expedition into the freeze, as there are so many preparations needed in order to be successful. In both cases our commercial drivers need training, retraining, and reminders on what to do when the skies and roadways change for the worse. If we are going to be successful this winter, we need a safety minded focus.

AssuredPartners is focused on the challenges faced by commercial drivers this winter. We are ready to train you, protect you, and ensure your livelihood. Contact us for a conversation on how we can assist you and your company. To learn more, visit AssuredPartners Transportation.