Distraction-Free Driving: Three Steps to Go!

05/18/2023 Written by: Gina Ekstam

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the United States. One of a company's greatest risks occurs when an employee is driving a company vehicle or using their personal vehicle for business use. There are so many things that our driving employees can't control while on the road, but distracted driving is not one of these.

Distracted Driving Image

On average, a distraction-related, non-fatal-worker-injury vehicle accident costs an employer $100,310. There are three common driving distractions that every employee should avoid and control:

  1. Visual – Keep your eyes on the road. Avoid reading or sending texts or emails, adjusting temperature controls, changing the radio, and reaching or looking for items.
  2. Manual – Keep your hands on the wheel. Avoid reaching for items inside the vehicle, using any handheld device, and eating/drinking.
  3. Cognitive – Keep your mind on driving. Avoid lengthy conversations with passengers or phone calls, and focus on your surroundings to avoid daydreaming.

Employers can take the following three simple steps to avoid distracted driving situations:

  1. Establish a company policy that specifically prohibits unsafe activities and requires every employee to sign the policy.
  2. Execute the policy by training employees on ways to be proactive before getting into a vehicle. 
    1. Mount hands-free navigation tools in the vehicles.
    1. Use apps for phone auto-reply messaging and silence your phone.
    1. Set navigation before you start driving.
  1. Enforce the policy by monitoring performance and providing disciplinary action for all violations.

For more safety resources, contact the AssuredPartners Agribusiness team.

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