Learn from the Best: The Cover and Move Rule

08/27/2020 Written by: AP Transportation

Most people have probably never heard the term ‘cover and move.’  In the book Extreme Ownership, authors Jacko Willick and Leif Babin discuss the most fundamental rule of the Navy Seals in any operation. This principle is not just a combat term, it should be a basic rule within the commercial transportation industry.

The main objective within the cover and move rule is to work as a team as you manage any objective.  It is necessary for some members of the team to provide cover, while the other team members move.  These actions are consistently repeated until the mission is over. This basic rule needs to be the foundation in commercial transportation.  The problem we often find is there are so many teams working independently, there is no coordination, thereby creating confusion and unnecessary risks and exposures. How can WE collectively achieve long term success within the industry if WE all go it alone?  WE need everyone to succeed so that the industry can grow, provide bountiful opportunities, achieve safety expectations and be financially profitable.

If we are to succeed, we should consider implementing this rule - cover and move.  We must encourage part of the team to provide a voice, listen, evaluate, and have others move.  It is not just motor carriers out on our nation’s roadways.  There are brokers, shippers, drivers, and logistic operators who all play a major role. We need to bring teams together, find solutions in our cover, and provide action in our moves. This rule needs to be fundamental.

At AssuredPartners Transportation we have a creed, a belief that guides our actions: moving forward together. We understand that we succeed, not as individuals, but rather, as one team.  Join us in this effort.

If you or your company have questions or concerns regarding commercial transportation principles, you should speak with a professional right away. AssuredPartners Transportation has consultative professionals who assist in delivering best practices to your operations. To learn more, visit AssuredPartners Transportation or contact our team of specialists.

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