Parking Issues & Industry Update

03/23/2023 Written by: Andy Engardio

American Transportation Research Institute tracks the top industry issues every year. Truck parking has been a perennial top five issue since 2015, and this year was number three overall and the single top concern from truck drivers. Proper parking is linked to recruitment and retention issues, and efforts to attract more women professional drivers.

Recently, Florida and Tennessee received nearly $40 million in grants to expand truck parking within their states. Secretary Buttigieg wrote to the American Trucking Association, “We will use every opportunity to educate state and local partners about the eligibility of federal funding for truck parking and recommend states work with private sector truck stop operators and the trucking community in the siting and development of truck parking projects… The department will continue to offer technical assistance and forums to bring together public and private stakeholders to tackle this vital issue.”

The AssuredPartners Transportation team is equipped with vast industry knowledge to help with analysis and planning. Contact the team today hear more about plan information for your trucking and parking concerns.

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