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Some Top Issues facing the construction industry in 2017

1. Shortage of qualified workers

Construction has been on the rise for the past few years and is expected to continue to grow in 2017. 70% of contractors say that they are having a challenging time finding qualified workers or professionals to fill these growing positions they will face in

2017. Companies have taken some steps to try and combat this issue such as increasing pay and benefits and investing in training. Even with these efforts, it is a continuing problem for the industry.

2. Generational Differences

Another issue that could arise is the conflict between generations. More millennials are entering the job force who have very different work ethics and sets of skills than previous generations.  This difference of opinion and attitude could cause conflicts to arise, between veteran employees and new employees.

3. Technology adoption

Technology has transformed the industry. This has become especially true as competition increases both in attracting workers and competing for projects. Necessary construction technology includes cloud-based software, integrated collaboration, and mobile project management. Companies must be strategic when implementing innovative technology to not upset the veteran employees who are set in the traditional way of doing business.

The use of building information modeling (BIM), laser scanning, and virtual reality is becoming a necessary practice for firms. BIM is starting to be introduced to students in higher education and is expected to become more prevalent in the upcoming years.

4. Project complexity

Construction projects are becoming more complicated in the design.  This trend will only continue and will pose a challenge for the scarce workforce.  Firms must be selective in what projects they choose to accept. Taking too many projects may prevent companies from complete the job on time or cause them to lose all profitability from date slippage. On average only 30% of firms currently deliver projects on budget and only 15% deliver on time.



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