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Unique Solution Customized for Federal Service Contractor

AssuredPartners Government Contractor Solutions

AssuredPartners Government Contractor Solutions
AssuredPartners Government Contractor Solutions
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Quick Facts

Type of Operation: Federal Service Contractor in the Midwest

Number of Employees: 500-1,000

Brokerage Services Provided: Employees Benefits & Service Contract Act Expertise

Valued Client Since: 2017

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Project had been won on re-compete by a new contractor. Transition team evaluated all project vendors for ongoing business relationship. The current broker had done a respectable job in service and strategy - for a normal commercial account - but there were opportunities for improvement in the administration/strategy/education for federal contracting under the Service Contract Act and in dealing with multiple collective bargaining arrangements.

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AssuredPartners Government Contractor Solutions team offered a unique solution combining best-in-class traditional broker/advisor functions coupled with a Federal Contracting Advisor to educate/train/audit their benefits plans and practices in their unique environment with their customer. Ongoing support and advice has impacted their unique universe including topics such as Cost Studies, FAR regulations, BenVal's, and support with labor negotiations.

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The team delivered a unique set of solutions that has improved the client's standing with their clientthese metrics are measuredand has enabled them to confidently negotiate with labor, respond to queries from their customer, achieve their goal of getting their plan into a guaranteed cost environment at an opportune time, and achieve a high six-figure savings on other benefits plans.