Land Prices on the Rise Again

08/14/2023 Written by: Gina Ekstam

After years of flat cropland values (2014 – 2020), prices have risen an average of $1,300 an acre in the last few years. These increases in land values have come at the same time farmers are enjoying back-to-back years of record-high farm income, with income forecasts from the USDA predicted to be the third-highest this year.

SDA’s annual Land Values report estimated cropland to be worth an average of $5,460 an acre nationwide this year, compared to $4,100 in 2020, when the acceleration in land values began.

The northern plains saw the largest increases among regions in the past year, up 14%, led by a nearly 17% surge in Kansas.

According to USDA data, the three-year increase was even larger in Kansas, 65%, reaching an average of $3,440 an acre. Heady increases were notched in the top two corn and soybean states, up 31% in Illinois and 41% in Iowa. The Hawkeye State topped $10,000 an acre for the first time. California, the state with the most expensive farmland, recorded a 23% increase to $15,880 an acre in three years. Texas, number one in cotton and cattle, saw a 23% increase.

Real estate is often the foundation of a farmer’s finances, and it is estimated that land amounts to 80% of the total assets. The USDA predicts that land values will rise more quickly than debts giving the farm sector increased equity and defense against unforeseen adversity.

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