Grain Bin Safety

Grain Bin Safety Week: 10 Years of Saving Lives

03/22/2024 Written by: Gina Ekstam

Grain Bin Safety Week, sponsored by Nationwide Agribusiness and supported by AssuredPartners Agribusiness and many other industry partners nationwide, occurs each year on the third full week of February. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Grain Bin Safety Week, and a look back shows that ten lives have been saved by the efforts of Nationwide Agribusiness and its sponsors to raise awareness about grain bin dangers, provide education, and share best safety practices.

AssuredPartners Agribusiness is proud to support these efforts with the aim of getting grain tubes and critical training into the hands of the local fire departments in our rural communities.

Discover the importance of year-round grain bin safety efforts.

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Is your local fire department prepared for the next grain bin entrapment? See our list of grain rescue tube recipients to locate a grain rescue tube nearest you. If you don’t see one close by, nominate your fire department from January 1 through April 30 to help make sure they’re prepared and ready for the next grain entrapment call.

Consult with our Agribusiness team for more safety and risk management insight.

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