Hurricane Prep: Is Your Home Ready?

09/04/2023 Written by: Personal Insurance Team

Summertime brings warm weather, pool days and tan lines, but unfortunately it can also bring stress from the burden of hurricane season. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30. Preparing your home and understanding your insurance coverage will help you gain peace of mind if and when disaster strikes. We put together a preparation plan to help you navigate through hurricane season: 

Hurricane Safety Infographic 

Prepare for Take Off 

It’s likely objects around our homes will cause damage when paired with powerful hurricane winds. Homeowners should proactively remove or secure items that may become projectiles. Bring in things such as patio furniture, grills or potted plants and trim branches that are close to your home or appear to be weak. When it comes to your vehicles, don’t overlook their vulnerability. Avoid parking your vehicles under trees and park in a garage if possible. Just as hurricanes can wreak havoc on your homes, they can also impact vehicles. Tidy up and tie down anything that may put you or your valuables in harm’s way.

“I always recommend that homeowners take a pre-storm video inventory of their home. So much goes on after a catastrophic loss and it’s difficult for any homeowner to recall everything they had in a room. Taking a walk-through video of each room in the home, as well as the exterior of the home, can be instrumental in assessing post-storm damage, providing inventory to a claims adjuster of damaged personal property and showcasing the adequate pre-storm condition of the home,” says Ayleen Brown, Director of Sales and Insurance Agent

Stay Afloat 

Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. Rising waters can creep in quickly causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home. One should make efforts to secure their home against potential flooding. Local municipalities often offer sandbags, which may be placed at doors and openings to the home. Property owners should watch their local streets and storm drains during rainstorms. If you see your street is not draining properly, report it to your city or county so they can assess any cleanouts needed.  

Home Sweet Home Insurance 

Homeowners insurance policies can be daunting to read and understand. It’s imperative that homeowners discuss their coverage and options for increased limits and special coverages with their local insurance agent. Hurricane and wind often have separate deductibles from all other perils which may be a percentage of the dwelling limit and even a calendar year deductible. Keep in mind that homeowners' insurance is not a warranty and may not cover wear and tear, maintenance or any damage caused by negligence.

Get in Touch 

If you’re unsure about what is or is not covered in your home insurance policy, we’re here to help. Getting started or asking questions is an easy first step and doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have the right guidance. Get in touch with one of our local agents or submit to get a quote to learn more about other options.  

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