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Celebrating National Assisted Living Week

09/10/2018 Written by: Brian Lindahl

As an insurance and risk management partner to hundreds of assisted living communities across the country, AssuredPartners would like to extend a “Thank You” to our assisted living clients for providing care and services to those in need. In recognition of all that you and your team members do, we join you in celebrating National Assisted Living Week September 9 – 15. This year’s theme, “Capture the Moment,” inspires residents to realize their dreams and seize the day. Use these ideas to help residents celebrate their past while enjoying the present.

  • Set up a photo booth with some props for residents and staff to take selfies all week long. You and the residents could even create the props yourself with some construction paper, scissors, glue and sticks. Print the photos and find a fun place to display them
  • Create a social media contest, such as challenging residents to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram, or create a video for YouTube, and have a contest to see who gets the most views or likes. If you post the pictures or videos on your community’s social media channels, remember to get the proper authorization from residents or their legal guardian(s).
  • Partner with a local school for an oral history project, to connect students and residents with the past. Residents will appreciate the opportunity to share their stories, as students will learn about their extraordinary experiences.
  • Ask residents for old family photos, and play a game of “Guess Who?” to see if other residents can figure out who’s in the picture. Have prizes ready for those with the most correct answers.
  • Set up an art session and ask residents to draw or paint a self-portrait or a key moment in their lives to “Capture the Moment.” If held toward the beginning of the week, you could set up an art gallery event and invite families and friends to come and view residents’ art.

Be sure to protect the privacy and dignity of residents when it comes to taking and using their image, especially online. 
We appreciate our relationships and wish you continued success. Enjoy your week!
To learn more about AssuredPartners Senior Living services, contact a member of our Senior Living team.  
Source: National Center for Assisted Living

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