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Preparing Healthcare Providers for Emergencies

09/05/2018 Written by: Brian Lindahl

In 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a rule that required a number of healthcare providers to meet new Disaster Preparedness guidelines. This rule, Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers found here, went into effect in 2017.
This rule is aimed at preventing the severe breakdown in patient care that followed disasters including Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, while also strengthening the ability to provide services during other types of emergencies, such as pandemics and terrorist attacks. Following last year’s Hurricane season, some communities continued to struggle with implementation of their plans.
CMS has established a website, found here, that provides guidance to communities on various items such as natural disasters as well as templates and checklists. With September being National Preparedness Month, now is the time to review and update your existing plans and continue conducting drills. Partnering with community resources to test these from time to time will assist in identifying system gaps and allow time for these to be corrected.
AssuredPartners Senior Living has knowledgeable experts who assist communities in planning for emergencies. To learn more, contact a member of our Senior Living team.
Sources: CMS and FEMA

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