Motor Carriers First Impression detail

A Motor Carrier’s First Impression

01/25/2021 Written by: Andy Engardio

“You only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime” – Nas

Trucking Underwriters will receive over a dozen submissions every day. To streamline the initial review, insurance companies rely on gatekeeper documents. The most prominent one is the Central Analysis Bureau’s CAB Report.

When an agent calls an underwriter to discuss a motor carrier, the first question is always, “What’s the DOT Number?” The underwriter will pull up the motor carrier’s CAB Report right there and BOOM, the first impression is set.

Using public data and a proprietary algorithm, the CAB is a report card that rates a motor carrier every month.

The CAB Report gives a snapshot of a company’s:

·       DOT Rating (Conditional, None or Satisfactory)

·       CAB Basic Scores (which closely mimic actual SMS Scores)

·       ISS - CAB (which closely mimics actual ISS Scores)

·       Insurance History

With this document, underwriters can identify who will be declined and who will be asked for more information. Like most first impressions, they last throughout the entire underwriting process.

It isn’t just insurance companies that use the CAB Report. Shippers and brokers negotiating your rates, and even plaintiff attorneys, will pull a CAB to understand exposures and opportunities.

A motor carrier should be aware of how they look in this system and how they can control their scores:

·       Monthly review and tracking within CSA

·       Understanding how to get DataQ inspections and crashes off your record

·       Starting a Driver Incentive Program

At AssuredPartners Transportation, we have experience helping our clients address these concerns. If you have any questions about managing your safety programs or controlling your scores, please contact AssuredPartners Transportation.

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