Semi-truck driving on snowy highway

Essential Tips for Safe Navigation on Highways

02/07/2024 Written by: AP Transportation

The primary responsibility of a professional driver is accident prevention, achieved through effective speed and space management surrounding the vehicle. A vigilant and focused attitude is crucial to swiftly adapt to changing road conditions. Below are some tips to aid drivers in safe navigation on our highways:

  • Stay Alert: Keep your eyes on the road ahead, noting the road's geometry, particularly curves and downgrades. Be conscious of traffic entering or leaving the roadway. Monitor distant traffic for any signs of hazard, like brake lights. Stay watchful for stopped or disabled vehicles obstructing the road.
  • Maintain Safe Distance: In ideal conditions, large commercial vehicles should maintain a one-second following distance for every ten feet of vehicle length, with an additional second for speeds over 40mph. For example, a 60-ft tractor-trailer traveling 55mph should maintain a seven-second following distance. This can be calculated using roadside fixtures like telephone poles. Remember that the following distances may need to be adjusted based on the road or weather conditions.
  • Exercise Caution in Inclement Weather: Modify your speed to match road conditions, as wet roadways can significantly increase stopping distances. Prepare for other drivers who may lose control of their vehicles, especially just after it starts raining when road oils can make the surface slippery. Always try to keep an "escape route" open.
  • Yield the Right-of-way: Successful speed and space management involves your driving, as well as the speed and positioning of vehicles around you.
  • Signal Early and Monitor Surroundings When Turning or Changing Lanes: Use your mirrors to keep track of traffic around you. Be cautious of distracted drivers who may miss your signals or aggressive drivers who refuse to yield. Remember the "No Zone" and be aware that other drivers might not realize they're in your blind spot.

Our team is always ready to provide insights to enhance your road safety. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or personalized advice. Your safety on the road is a top priority.

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